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      The night passed; the dawn broke with exquisite beauty, and the sun shone upon the white and haggard faces of the two men watching and waiting with feverish and almost intolerable anxiety. Presently they saw a party riding up the hill at a furious gallop; they were Norman, the doctor, and Mother Melinda.If she had known, she would have taken fright, like the deer in the park, which started at her approach. When Trafford came back from his short visit to London, he looked round the hall, where all but Esmeralda were gathered for afternoon tea, as if he missed something.

      This was evidently the signal for the Dogs Ear attack; for, as the metal of the horses shoes rang upon the timber, there was a rush from the Gulch beneath, and a body of horsemen surrounded the coach, while one man, mounted on an appropriately black horse, rode up alongside the coachman and covered him.He crushed the letter in his hand, then let it fall upon the ground and put his foot upon it. He understood now why Esmeralda had been so startled at meeting Norman on her wedding-morning. A hundred little circumstances rose in his mind to help to condemn her. His heart was torn with conflicting emotions; there was wounded love, outraged honor, the terrible ruin of all his faith and trust. But with it all there was a feeling that the gods had only meted out to him bare justice. He had married her for her money; when proposing to her, he had not spoken of love; well, she had given him her money, she had bestowed her love upon Norman!

      No, she said in a low and firm voice; I will not have it. Thebargain is made, and I will stand by it.Oh, hes a young fellow that came on here from Dogs Ear; his names Norman Druce; hes a lord!

      She laughed scornfully.

      I have been used to it all my life, said Lilias. She smiled and blushed. You will not find it so difficult when you have tried.

      The thought brought him a grim kind of consolation. His life should be devoted to her; no woman in the world should be more surrounded by watchful care and attention than she should be. She should do exactly as she liked, should go where she pleased; her wish should be his law; he would be just a superior kind of servant to her.

      Must I? I am not sure that I ought to do so. You will always remember it when you come here. One of the Traffords committed suicide here.


      Lady Wyndover laughed as if she were pleased.


      Unpack them at once, Barker! she said. Come upstairs, Esmeralda; come this moment.